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Feature Article
Use a Unique Offering When Marketing to Internet Marketers
By Melissa Ingold

Standing out from the rest is vital when marketing to online business owners. Though there is a big market for business information, there are hordes of business owners already tapping into that market. To market your own business successfully you need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

The way to go is to establish your business and products as unique in that crowded market. Some of the ways that you can achieve this include:

Targeting Market Niches. You will up the chances of customers choosing your products if you target a defined group of business owners to sell to.

Focusing Your Product Range. There are different ways of offering specialized products. You could cover the full spectrum of topics but only offer your information in the form of reports, for example. Or you could focus on one subject area, such as Private Label Rights content.

Authority Sells. Everyone wants the best information available and if you have special expertise in an area of business that can help in differentiating your products and services from the rest. You might establish your authority and credibility by stressing your working experience in a particular area of business, or by emphasizing your academic qualifications in a particular field.

Different Angles. An innovative take on a topic can engage business owners by tapping into their desires. Do you have inside information on a particular topic? This could be a way to cultivate interest and make your product distinctive in the market.

Building Your Reputation. You can enhance your reputation and advertise the value of your products and services through social networking. If you can become a ‘name’ in a niche community or group, you will build ties and can even achieve a kind of celebrity status. People buy from people who are known and trusted in this way.

Boost Your Visibility. The more you can get your name out there on the internet the better. You could use social bookmarking sites or try other internet options. Make yourself visible by posting on forums and message boards, or create a blogging community. Visibility translates into sales.

Be Yourself. Building bridges via social networking is easier and quicker if you show that you’re a caring person as well as an astute business person. People will connect with you more easily this way. If you’re a mom with a target market of other work-at-home moms, this shared experience will help others to relate to you.

Making the Most of Media. You can get your message across in different ways and provide your customers with a more varied and interesting experience. Using media other than text is one way to go. Alternatives include:

• Video format
• Audio format
• Teleclasses/Webinars

Delivering your materials in a combination of media adds another dimension to the information you have to offer. Listening and watching can be more enjoyable than reading plain text. You can always provide a transcript so that they have reference materials to hand if required.

Online business owners have a goal: the success they desire. To grasp that success they have the desire to learn and do whatever it takes to make their business successful. Fulfill these desires and you have an array of profitable opportunities before you.

The bottom line is problem solving. You hold the solution to your customers’ problem. Providing people with information that is necessary but also desirable is the way forward in this billion dollar industry.

One way to make it easy to get this information out to your market is with Melissa Ingold’s [2] Special Report Club. Each month you receive a brand new [2] fully-customizable 30 page report and complete marketing materials, so you can start selling information the lucrative online business owner market right away.





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